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Problems with LMS/Flex Wrapper and Smart Shape Buttons

We have recently started exploring using Captivate 6/7 Smart Shape buttons. They are a great tool for creating content but unfortunately in our LMS it lacks the libraries or definition to handle these correctly.

When SmartShape buttons are currently used they work locally perfectly. When they are put into our LMS/Flex Wrapper they show initially fine and the .swf file is the same that worked locally. When they are "Mouse Down" or "Clicked" the button presses as a normal button does but upon returning to original shape and size it instead shrinks by about 1/3rd the size and after awhile begins to move downward per click until there is no longer a button big enough to click or it has moved off screen (This is after a large volume of clicks).

I would like to have an external file that would update the libraries per module till we are able to test a stable and working Wrapper. Is something like this possible, how would I go about creating one (Keep in mind I am fairly beginner when it comes to AS, mostly learning as I go).

Other Thoughts:
How can I look at our LMS in a debug mode when it is playing the .swf to find how it referencing the Smart Shape issue is happening.

Am I sounding like I'm on the right track with libraries and whatnot?

Any feedback on this would be a huge help.

Thanks in Advance!



#2 2014-04-26 23:49:34

l stephanss

Re: Problems with LMS/Flex Wrapper and Smart Shape Buttons

I am using smart notebook 10 and it keeps wanting me to update Adobe  player but it is up to date (13)! Cannot use any of the flash tools
tried uninstall/reinstalling adobe but did not help any suggestions


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Re: Problems with LMS/Flex Wrapper and Smart Shape Buttons

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Re: Problems with LMS/Flex Wrapper and Smart Shape Buttons

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