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#1 2013-09-07 13:00:04

Terry Shane at RDS

Vantage Point - you'll never see Adobe Connect the same way again!

This changes everything you thought you knew about Adobe Connect - teaching online will never be the same again.

Refined Data Solutions has released Vantage Point - a truly revolutionary extension for Adobe Connect that allows Faculty to control their virtual classrooms in ways never possible until now!

The pod has a zero footprint in the classroom so it requires no real-estate - it runs instead in a separate browser window on a second monitor or even on another computer if you prefer. Install the pod in under 10 seconds and never worry about it again - it self updates for maintenance free enterprise-wide use.

With full support for Connect breakouts you can call on one or multiple users or groups, remotely activating their camera and microphone/telephone with a single click. It can even automate the process of recording your meetings so you never need to remember to start recordings manually again.

See and receive automatic notifications when your students are multi-tasking, or have walked away from their computers, receive constant engagement and attendance feedback for each student, color-coded using our unique display engine. It's like having Google Glass for your Connect rooms - you can literally see what students think of your content as you teach.

Vantage Point reproduces the in-person classroom environment, restoring the non-verbal communication that is lost in typical web-conferencing. At last, your faculty will feel totally connected with their audience and be able to gauge comprehension for each participant. You'll never wonder again if anyone is actually listening as you teach.

Vantage Point allows faculty to monitor unlimited students and view up to 100+ simultaneous web cam feeds yet amazingly, there is almost no impact on individual student bandwidth.

Already in use in several major Universities, Vantage Point has been referred to as "The Holy Grail of Online Education" and once you see it in action, you'll understand why. If you are responsible for online delivery of live University or School curricula or virtual instructor-led Corporate Training, you'll want to learn more.

We run free, public demonstrations of the technology (typically twice a week) or you can schedule a private presentation for your faculty on request.

The schedule for September is as follows:

Tuesday Sep 10 @ 2:00pm EST
Thursday Sep 12 @ 10:00am EST
Tuesday Sep 17 @ 2:00pm EST
Thursday Sep 19 @ 10:00am EST
Tuesday Sep 24 @ 2:00pm EST
Thursday Sep 26 @ 10:00am EST

All events take place at (telephony details are provided once you enter the room)

Please ensure your web cam is plugged in prior to entering the session.
We'll "see" you online!


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