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#1 2013-06-18 10:15:02


Unable to connect from browser

I need organize a connection from web-browser to meeting room.
It's OK from desktop platforms, but using Connect on Android or iOS it's impossible.
My link to the meeting room look like … =Test_test

On Android for ex. it transformed to something ugly like … pe=meeting

and do not launch connect at all.

Please, any suggestions.


#2 2013-06-18 14:03:58


Re: Unable to connect from browser

I'm not sure sure which version of Adobe Connect you're using, but I know we've built in logic to automatically open the Adobe Connect Mobile application (or suggest you install it if you don't have it) when navigating to an Adobe Connect room via the browser.

It looks like that same logic is changing the URL for your Android device, but isn't actually opening the mobile application.

I'm not sure what to suggest other than contacting Customer Support.

BTW - you never need to include the '/_a977444001/' part of the URL as your meeting room. Just use 
The server dynamically adds the /_a12345678/ based on the Adobe Connect cluster you end up using.


#3 2013-06-19 02:44:52


Re: Unable to connect from browser

alistairlee, thank you for assistance.
I use last version of Adobe Connect Mobile (2.1.2 for Android).
I also tried url with connectpro:// , not https. As I understood it was working with old versions, but it launch Connect from browser at least, but it stuck on black screen and "Connecting.... " message.
Thank you for remark about '/_a977444001/' part.


#4 2013-06-24 04:01:59

Fran Lopez

Re: Unable to connect from browser


I have the same problem as Dolly.

When I try to access from a android or IOS to a meeting from the browser, for example URL: / nameroom always generates an error. Why?

What I can do to access a meeting from the browser?

Please, I need help.

Thank you very much.


#5 2013-07-09 02:08:54


Re: Unable to connect from browser

We have the same problem here.
URLs that used to work with Connect 8 and the older mobile app are no longer working.
We link to a room with an URL like that: … sscode=123

The link works on desktop and iOS (ever with Chrome for iOS), but on Android you get stuck on a page that states that you need an app for that. If you tap on "I have that app" the pages tries to load something and after a short flicker the same page reappears.

It also seems as if the app-redirect-page is not fully rendered on Android. See picture of the same page both on Android and iOS:

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#6 2013-10-21 13:47:56


Re: Unable to connect from browser

I think there are a couple of issues going on in this thread:

1. Chrome redirects from Android devices not working. If you are able to launch the meeting from a link on iOS, but not on Android, this is likely the issue you are seeing.
>> Chrome on Android changed it's launch method on Android in v25 ( … cs/intents) which will prevent the Javascript used to launch the meeting from working. We addressed this issue recently, and 9.1 servers should be able to launch the App from Chrome on Android as well as other browsers.

2. Certain URL formats on mobile devices don't launch the user into the meeting room. This might be the case for users getting stuck at 'connecting', for example. In this case if the user can get into the room when they type the URL into the meeting room, then manually enter a guest name, this might be the issue being seen.
>> Whenever possible, please use plain URLs with no passed parameters to launch your users into a room. E.g.
This is the scenario we have been testing extensively. If your server is using Adobe Connect authentication, the user will be redirected to the mobile App (must click to launch on Chrome Android) and will then be able to use their cached login/password, or enter a guest name to enter the room. If your server is using SSO credentials, the user will authenticate in the browser, then be launched into the Mobile app, and straight to the room.

If you previously had workflows that launched with URL parameters, that are no longer working, please list the exact URL params in this three in name/value pairs, and we'll try to understand where this workflow has been broken.

Thank you,
Connect Mobile Dev Team

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#7 2015-01-28 03:32:13


Re: Unable to connect from browser


   Please help me. we have a android application. The screen having clickable adobe meeting link. When user is click the link opening the adobe connect application. But it is not connected to the meeting. I'm passing the meeting url like "connectpro://". When we open in browser it is connecting. from browser link open adobe connect app clicked it is connected.

Thank You,


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