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#1 2013-05-13 07:46:12


Change to Video Pod

Suggestion for future modification:  create a way to eliminate the video pod for the participants on their own computer. In other words, the only video a participant would see, would be the video pods of the other participants. An alternative would be to reduce the size to a small thumbnail and place it someplace else on the screen. Giving the participant the option to eliminate their video on their computer would free up real estate and create some other benefits.

The idea for this came as a result of a training where the presenters/hosts were using one computer connection and the participants were all in one room at another location. They commented that seeing their video on the screen was a distraction and diverted their attention away from the video of the presenter. Layouts were switched back and forth between a layout which contained live video, chat, slides and another layout which contained two large video pods – one of the presenter and another with the room full of participants. It would've been very useful especially in the latter arrangement, for the video pod to have been sized up to full screen, but with participants only seeing a video of the other person/group.

I hope this is clear. :-)


#2 2013-07-02 11:22:05

James Booth

Re: Change to Video Pod

I think this is a great idea!

We have clients who often say they don't want to see themselves on camera, they want to see the other people.

this also occurs in Town Hall events we run for clients, ie,  they have several physical locations in the town hall, each location has a video camera pointing at the "local audience" (acting as web cam of sorts).

The people in these local audiences DO NOT wish to see them selves on the  bigscreen, where we are projecting the Connect room.


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Re: Change to Video Pod

Great idea!


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