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Free Webinar - Delivering a Killer Webinar, Not a Deadly One - 9/26/12

Keeping Your Webinar Audience Fully Engaged is essential for Delivering a Killer Webinar

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
2:00PM - 3:00PM MST

REGISTER AT: http://meetingone.preview.adobeconnect. … ation.html

Almost nine out of ten people say they multitask during a webinar. Maybe it's because of all the inherent online distractions... but it's far more likely that most webinars are delivered in a way that fails to hold the audience's attention.

In this 60-minute broadcast, webinar veteran Shelley Ryan will demonstrate Adobe Connect tools and tactics that you can use to design a riveting online presentation, from start to finish. You will learn:

Why and how you should encourage your registrants to join the broadcast a few minutes early

Ways to use those pre-broadcast moments to set the stage for active participation

"BWOTs" to avoid at the start of your presentation

Unconventional ways to use polls

When to use (or skip) webcams and videos

Moderator tips for keeping the audience engaged during Q&A

Shelley Ryan has a black belt in producing engaging online seminars and presentations for professional audiences. She combines her extensive knowledge of web conferencing platforms with a deep understanding of presentation techniques to create compelling educational content.

Shelley has produced hundreds of online programs and knows how to work with speakers to enhance their impact. Even the most experienced and polished presenters swear that Shelley has dramatically improved their delivery skills.

REGISTER AT: http://meetingone.preview.adobeconnect. … ation.html


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