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4 new custom pods for Connect


ActiveC will soon be releasing four new custom pods for Connect 8 / 9.

You can see a short (< 5 mins) demo video of each pod here :

- LocationMap - finally a graphical tool for participants to show where they are located!
NOW RELEASED - … be-connect to download the free app!

- StickyNotePages - graphical collaboration tool for all attendee's in a Connect session, write your your thoughts on post it / sticky notes, group by colour, icon, person - even has multiple pages.

- SurveyMaker - in room multiple questions and types in a single pod.  real time graph's of responses, data export to .csv files

- ActionList - make a list of actions / tasks in a Connect room with priorities, dates, person name etc, Sort them in various orders, export them to .csv files

We are looking for help with beta testing - if you would like to be involved, please email

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