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#1 2012-05-25 10:19:07


Adobe Connect Mobile and SAP integration

My company is running Adobe Connect 7.5 integrated with SAP in Dev right now and is trying to get the iPad to work.  Now the iPad connects flawlessly to Adobe Connect when I login through the app with a username and password.  Unfortunately the problem comes when trying to connect to a room through the SAP MyLearning portal.

The basic flow for a user on the computer is they go to the SAP MyLearning portal (web page), go to the class they are going to take and click a button that launches the Adobe Connect classroom.  SAP handles creating the Adobe Connect accounts for users and stores the users Adobe Connect login and password so the user never even sees the Adobe Connect website. 

The reason the above is an issue for iPad users is that if they click on the link it simply takes them to the Adobe Connect website and asks them to install flash.  Now the question has come up can we simply add a new room url in the Connectpro:// style so that is automatically launches the application.  I am worried that even if we do that the user will still have to supply a username and password which they were never given (SAP is storing them).

Is it possible to include login and password information in the url (securely?) or are there any other methods for connecting an iPad to an SAP integrated Adobe Connect instance?


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