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Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In

Refined Data Solutions is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to its ConnectPro meeting tool, Hands Up.

Hands Up is a Custom Sync-SWF tool that can dramatically improve the meeting experience for both Hosts and Attendees, the tool acts as both an ice-breaker and as a great way of making your meetings more interactive.

Many hosts prefer to hide the standard Attendee Pod in order to protect the privacy of their users but in doing so, they remove any way for users to interact with the host.

Hands Up provides a much better way of interacting with attendees allowing them to raise a hand, give a "thumbs up" or even applaud a speaker. And yes... you actually hear everyone clapping and as more people join in, the volume rises.

Use the tool to conduct instant polls, gather feedback from users on their preferences etc.

You can now customize the interface by setting a background colour, adding your own logo or graphics to the pod - we'll even customize new button sets if you need them.

Visit our Connect Users Meeting Room to see the tool in a meeting room environment and to download a free trial. You can also view documentation

We specialize in building custom SWF applications for special needs, as well as delivering training in how to get the most out of your Adobe Connect software. In addition to great prices on Adobe Connect Software, we also build training resources using your existing in-house materials, and then help you to deploy them to your end users.

Call us to discuss the options and to see what's possible for your organization.


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Re: Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In


Looks interesting and just the thing for faculty who would like some basic audio feedback.  BUT, there is no price listed (that I could find) within the links you provided.




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Re: Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In

Hi Greg,

The price for HandsUp is $299 as a standalone product but the price is negotiable if you are buying ConnectPro licenses from us at the same time.

The Trial Version is free and allows you to experiment, plus we can customize it for you too.

We have numerous users of the product across North America but as you mention "faculty" I assume you are probably part of a University or Educational Organization. If so, drop me an email and I'll put you in touch with the Chancellor's Office at one of the largest Universities in the US who has been using HandsUp as well as using us to train their people in how to get the most out of their ConnectPro installations.

All the Best,



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Re: Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In



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Re: Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In


whats up today


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Re: Hands Up Meeting Tool Add-In

In our webinars we don't like to use real estate for the attendee pod.  We use Hands Up and it is quite useful. Highly recommend it.

Thomas White
TRP Enterprises, Inc.


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