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#1 2012-04-20 08:15:43


HTML5/JavaScript and CSS3-Based Output

Given Adobe's move away from Flash and Flex as a mainstream deployment solution for content, it makes logical sense that Presenter should have HTML5/JavaScript and CSS3-based output instead of just Flash-based output. I understand that this brings certain challenges (non-stable HTML5 audio tag implementations, compatibility with IE6 and 7, etc.), but the future of the Web is moving away from Flash as a general-purpose solution for rich media content. Given that the rapidly expanding world of iOS and Android devices do not support Flash (with the minor exception of devices which may currently run Flash Player for Android, but that product is no longer developed or supported), and that the Windows 8 Metro UI will not support Flash, we need an option for exporting our Adobe Presenter content that will play on those devices.


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