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Refined Data's Connect to Moodle vs. Free Integrator on Moodle Website

Are you looking to integrate Moodle with Adobe Connect? Don't settle for surface-level integration when you can achieve true synchronicity. Refined Data's Connect to Moodle will change the way you look at Moodle.

Most obvious difference:
The SSO associated with the free integrator doesn't work with Adobe Hosted Solutions (majority of Adobe deployments).

Connect to Moodle possesses all of the functionality of the free integrator PLUS the following:

1.  Filters - Being able to have a link to a meeting independent of a Moodle activity.
2.  Direct links to Adobe content (Presenter, Captivate, video, etc).
3.  Directly playing video from Adobe within a Moodle page.
4.  Iconic display of links that dynamically change based on the type of content.
5.  Pulling back time, phone info, name, and description for Adobe meetings displaying dynamically from within Moodle.
6.  My meetings display (and its a great iconic display).
7.  My recordings display.
8.  Personalization filters (i.e. personalized greetings).
9.  Showing content contingent on the user status (i.e. new user

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