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#1 2010-03-30 12:22:59


Post event form

Hello ACP users,

My question is quite simple, is there a way for the participant in a event to fill in a form (similar to the registration process), when the event is finished?

I look for it, but i dont think such a feature exists embedden in the solution.

If that is not possible, what kind of alternatives can I use to collect feedback from the participants after the evente is over?

Thank you.


#2 2010-03-31 13:59:01


Re: Post event form

Lots of alternatives.

Any web-based form can be used. Just create the form and store on a server outside of Connect, then use the 'Browse to URL' button on the Web links pod to force people to the form at the end of a session.

Another option would be to create one in Flash and share that in a Share pod.



#3 2010-04-13 15:38:51


Re: Post event form

Another great way to collect feedback is to open a layout with Polling Questions during Q&A. It engages participants while questions are getting answered and is a great way to collect feedback.


#4 2010-09-20 22:59:17


Re: Post event form

A post event feedback form makes alot of sense. Text based Q&A is not the greatest solution for alot of meetings I hold because those questions are more geared to the substantive content of the meeting. It is a feature that Adobe should consider in it's next release because it would be used as a feedback mechanism reporting how participants rated the event and even better if it is linked back to the other meeting reports. We recently left WebEx and moved to Connect, and I must admit that is the feature I miss having on Connect. The alternatives described are good options.


#5 2010-09-22 22:35:49


Re: Post event form

It makes a lot of sense. I particularly like the option where we collect feed back using a layout with Polling Questions while in Q&A.


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