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#1 2010-03-10 20:19:51


Extension idea for Connect … c_swf.html

So I'm hoping there's some exceptionally talented coder out there that might like my idea, as I don't have the skill set to be able to do this. But I thought of a neat new tool that might be fun to use in meetings (or in fact might be too brutally honest to use)....a voting worm.

See a YouTube example.....

On the right hand side of the pod there would be a slider..."+ 1" at the top and "- 1" at the bottom..."0" in the middle. Users could click to move up or down that range depending how positive they are feeling. They just click when they want to adjust or leave it as is.

In the middle of the pod, a live scrolling chart with a horizontal dotted line (representing neutral responses) and the worm would move up or down depending on the average results of respondents.

A nice additional touch at the bottom would be a sliding scale, where participants could adjust the scale, to zoom in to the worm or zoom out and see the results over time.

Just an idea ;-)



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