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#1 2010-03-09 09:59:33


Incorrect Completion Status for the Adobe Presenter7.0.5 Quizzes


We have published an elearning course in AICC using Adobe Presenter7.0.5 and launched it in P2L LMS. The course contains Quiz Slides. When the Quiz is just completed without passing, the course status is updated as "Completed" in P2L LMS. Also, we have mentioned the passing score as 75 in the Quiz Manager ->Fail or Fail options dialog box.

We have selected the following options while publishing the course for AICC:

2. Choose Report Data: Report Quiz results only
3. Report Pass or Fail: Report status as defined by report data
4. Report Score to LMS as: Percent
5. Reporting Level: Only report the score

Could you please suggest the options that needs to be selected while publishing the Course, in order to get the "Completed" status only after passing the Quiz.


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