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#1 2023-11-10 12:35:42


Severe audio problems and continuous disconnections

For the past 2 weeks I have been delivering training courses to groups of 10-12 people. Often during the course the participants' or presenter's microphone stops working without warning and starts working again after a refresh of the browser page, which then causes the participant to leave the meeting and be readmitted.
Sometimes the anomaly has also occurred with the webcams that have stopped working (fortunately less often than during the course)
Some participants have been disconnected from the room several times during the session.
The use of the desktop app seems to reduce this problem somewhat.
During the presentation (I am a host) it often happens that the message "no microphone available" appears, followed by "new microphone found".
The hosted version I use is 12.5.0, the desktop app is 2023.9.482 (2023.9.482) on macos 14.0 (23A344) I use OpenMove bluetooth headsets by shokz
Does anyone have the same problem? could you give me some pointers on how to solve it?
Thank you



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