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#1 2023-10-26 04:52:51


Meetings and Recordings Taking a Long Time to Start

Since we came back from the school summer holiday at the start of September we've noticed that meetings can take a long time to start/open, and also when the recorder is started it can take a long time for the red dot to appear and the message to say that the recording has started.  We're talking possibly tens of seconds in both cases.

This didn't used to happen and everything seems to be normal once we're in.  It happens in Windows and on my Mac, at home and in other locations.  We're a bit concerned that some of our more reluctant users might see it as an excuse to give up and not attend lessons.

Is this a general issue?  Are there any settings that we can tweak (our Connect is hosted)?


#2 2023-11-02 13:59:40


Re: Meetings and Recordings Taking a Long Time to Start

No solution to this problem I'm afraid, but we've noticed this too in my institution.


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