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Creating Quizzes in Captivate and publishing to Connect

When creating quizzes in Captivate and publish to Connect, some of the quizzes publish where it does not synch in the meeting room and only the presenter can take the quiz. Other quizzes publish where it will allow the attendee to take the quiz. My quiz settings are exactly the same but with different behaviors. Captivate says its an Adobe Connect issue. Connect doesn't know. Can anyone assist me in why this would be happening?

Thank you

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Re: Creating Quizzes in Captivate and publishing to Connect

I'd start by verifying that the 'Publish Adobe Connect Metadata' option is checked. This option can be found by going to Preferences (Shift + F8) > Project > Publish Settings.

I'd also verify that the option to enable quiz reporting is checked and set to Adobe Connect. This can be found in Preferences > Quiz > Reporting.

I've seen cases where having those set differently caused odd behavior in Connect.


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