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#1 2023-02-16 15:06:28


Persistent information windows

I have been getting informational windows that are popping up and staying on screen, blocking my view of the main window.  They are blue with an I and give me warnings such as "Mic device unplugged", "New camera device available", "new mic device available" , "Camera device unplugged".

This is interesting because I am doing nothing when these sow up.

I have used two headsets, both connected via Bluetooth and connected via usb.  The camera in a built in webcam, so it really cannot be unplugged.

Apple iMac 27"
OS 13.1 Ventura
Adobe Connect Version 2022.10.42

I have checked that I do not have any USB3 hard drives connected near the headphone connection

Can anyone help me figure out how to resolve this issue so I no longer get the warnings?

Thank you


#2 2023-03-27 04:08:11

Cyril Le Roux

Re: Persistent information windows

I've been having the same issue. My problem was linked to continuity camera and microphone from my iPhone.

Surprisingly, even with bluetooth disabled on the computer and the phone, MacOS would still see the iPhone and try to use its microphone and camera. This gets worse if you're presenting because when the new microphone is plugged/unplugged, the audio  cuts off for a few seconds.

Solution: restart your iPhone, and if that still doesn't work, keep it powered off while presenting.


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