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#1 2023-01-20 14:46:11


Is the Adobe Connect application no longer recommended for the best UE

I have been working with my company's IT folks to deploy the app since we use AC for all our training. I am getting pushback as to why we should bother. At one point it was easy to find language recommending the application for best experience, but I notice I can't find that language anymore. Was there an official purge of that language? Should I even bother pushing for the deployment anymore?


#2 2023-01-23 09:21:08

Andrew Chemey

Re: Is the Adobe Connect application no longer recommended for the best UE

As Connect continues to improve the browser experience, the differences between the browser and application become less obvious. For now, here's what the application provides:

* The Connect application dedicated to one thing - providing a meeting experience. When joining a meeting in a browser, it's often in one of many tabs. The browser can have plug-ins and other processes running that degrade the experience. I believe that browsers are limited to a single thread for the meeting, where the application can run on multiple threads

* The application is updated to provide a better audio/video experience. While browsers are limited to technology that is cross-browser compatible, only

There are probably more benefits. If I can find a blog or more information, I'll post here



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