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Devices Change On Their Own

As a host, I find that my speaker and microphone device change on their own (in the middle of a presentation) to my computer speaker. I use my Jabra 65 Evolve Headset. I set my microphone and speaker devices to my headset when I run the setup. Why is Adobe Connect automatically changing my microphone and speaker to my computer speaker/microphone (without me changing it) in the middle of a meeting?


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Re: Devices Change On Their Own

I would start by plugging the USB dongle into a different USB port. If the port you are using drops connectivity occasionally, then it may force Connect to look for a different audio device when your headset disappears briefly.


#3 2023-08-01 12:34:10


Re: Devices Change On Their Own

I have this problem too (on an iMac) and have tried everything. I constantly (as Host/Presenter) get 'mike disconnected' and 'camera disconnected'  followed seconds later by 'new mike available' 'new camera available' 'It's NOT the hardware (have changed headsets, mike, ports, wireless, wired).  It's not the signal strength. I have tried wireless and wired connections. It's not the 'camera' or microphone' privacy/security settings as I've set them to 'allow' in both Aple and browser (Chrome/Google) settings.  Makes no difference using the App or the Browser (Chrome) It IS 1) Adobe Connect - I don't get the problem on Zoom and Webex and 2) It IS Apple - when I switch to Windows 10 on an 8-year old PC the problem doesn't occur.  I've been using Connect regularly since November 2020.  The problem only started in March/April 2023 after the Connect update.
Suggestions welcome, please!


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