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#1 2022-07-06 10:01:03

Matthew Richards

Adobe Connect 12


I'm looking for clarification on how the mobile apps will work when the new update goes live.
Currently there are 2 apps and either can be used to access a meeting in 'Standard' view.  Will this still be the case in AC12 or will users of the old app be forced to update?

I do plan to move our staff over to the new A/V experience asap but I'm wondering if this will be forced on the day of the update.

Thank you


#2 2022-07-06 16:58:59


Re: Adobe Connect 12

The Mobile Apps section of this page indicates that Mobile won't have full support upon release of 12.0. But you can still join a meeting in the browser of your mobile device, which should be fully functional. … ities.html


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