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#1 2022-06-23 16:06:33


Adobe Connect 12.0 - Screenshots or Wireframes?

Good day,

Does anyone have an resource hosted account administrators can access to get early images of the revised screens and functions prior to releases? We would like to be able to prepare training materials our facilitator community and users, so that they would know what to expect the day after.

Any help would be appreciated.


David Gordon


#2 2022-07-06 17:04:15


Re: Adobe Connect 12.0 - Screenshots or Wireframes?

I believe you can enable the Beta functionality of the Enhanced Audio/Video experience on your account now. That would allow you to build out your own documentation and have your staff get some hands on experience.

Additionally, the release of Connect 12 will not get rid of Standard mode, so you can have your facilitator community do testing and learning in the new mode while still using the old for production work for a while.


#3 2022-07-06 20:33:54


Re: Adobe Connect 12.0 - Screenshots or Wireframes?

I agree with @DaveGordon that it would be helpful if Adobe were to either provide access to a beta/preview OR publish more comprehensive screenshots of the new user 'onboarding' experience and other significant UI changes.   

The Enhanced A/V experience is only one part of the changes that impact users of Adobe Connect 12.

I note that this page offers *some* additional information/images:


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