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#1 2022-03-30 07:47:24


Audio Issues on Mac

Two of our meeting hosts have reported audio issues and lag when using the Adobe Connect desktop application on Mac. One of the meeting hosts has gone through extensive troubleshooting to no avail: she has spoken with the Apple store, the Adobe Connect Support Line, and the Carahsoft office hours. She has tried multiple microphone setups. An Adobe representative checked her speedtest numbers and didn't see any problems. She has also tried using the Enhanced Audio options in Adobe Connect. For her, the problem arose when she got a newer Macbook in February.

Has anyone else experienced audio issues on Mac? And have you found any solutions?


#2 2022-04-04 09:44:20


Re: Audio Issues on Mac

If it's a new Mac, it's almost certainly using the new ARM64-based M1 chip from Apple instead of an Intel chip.

Apple provides a layer of emulation (called Rosetta2) to enable all intel-based Mac applications to work with M1 chips. In general, Rosetta2 is fast and reliable, but I'm guessing that the emulation layer is causing the issues here. The current audio workflow requires CPU resources.

The Enhanced Audio Video Experience is coming to all accounts very soon and should solve this issue until a native M1 version of the Mac application is available. If you'd like to access the current beta, you can register here: … mer-optin/


#3 2023-07-06 12:21:09


Re: Audio Issues on Mac

I'm responding to this more than a year after the original post.  However, my iMac DOES have an Intel chip.  You don't say what the audio problem is but here is mine:
- persistent disconnection of microphone (ANY microphone - built-in Apple one; corded Sennheiser headset; bluetooth enabled wireless); Blue pop-up message "Microphone disconnected" followed a few seconds later by "New microphone available"; same for Camera (again, in-built iMac and Logitech Pro USB).  Connection  for both then resumes but problem recurs after 5-10 minutes.
- I'm accessing via the App; I have Excellent connection health
- Didn't have this problem before the Connect upgrade late 2022/early 2023
- The problem doesn't occur AT ALL on my (older) Windows PC (with same peripherals and connection)

I haven't tried much by accessing via my Browser because we are advised that, in general, using the app gives better connectivity (and I am accessing via my company's enterprise licence/link).
I'd love to know if anyone else has this problem which I strongly suspeect is an Apple/Adobe conflict somewhere (VPN??)


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