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#1 2022-03-23 10:18:31


Using "layered" pods in Standard view

We have recently switched to using standard view and it seems that the keyboard shortcut to toggle displaying/hiding layered pods (ctrl shift F9) no longer works.

Layering pods and using that keyboard shortcut was a HUGE part of how we design our layouts, as it allows us to switch between content without having to wait for the content to load.  For example, if I'm showing a PowerPoint presentation in a pod and need to quickly and briefly display a slide from a different PowerPoint presentation, I would set up my layout with two overlapping share pods - one for each PowerPoint file.  I'd put the one I need first on top and then when I need to briefly display another, I could use ctrl shift F9 to select the pod(s) layered behind it.  We often use this method to flip between 4 or 5 different pods on a single layout.  Having to change layouts every time we want to briefly display a different file would mean we'd have to wait for the layout to load every time.

I've looked through the guides for v11 and can't find anything that would do the equivalent function. The "old" keyboard shortcuts no longer work and the only options seem to be either awkwardly layering the pods so a piece of each is visible and can be clicked to bring it to the front, or select a hidden pod from the list of share pods and then reposition it from the host-only area where it appears.

Is there any way to pull up a pod layered behind another one in Standard view??


#2 2022-03-24 14:37:51


Re: Using "layered" pods in Standard view

Correct, the hot-key mappings are no longer the same or even there. This is because the key commands that worked in Flash, don't necessarily work in HTML. So it may require having to go back to the old trick of having the pods slightly offset from one another or just layered differently in different layouts, so transitioning between layouts gives the desired effect.


#3 2022-04-04 09:33:27


Re: Using "layered" pods in Standard view

The shortcut does now work in Standard view (it was fixed in v11.3), but I've found a couple of caveats when using it:
- The shortcut keys work when pods have 'focus'. If something else in the room has focus (layouts panel, application menu, etc...), I've found it to be unreliable. Try clicking (or tabbing) to a pod. You will see a dotted blue border around a pod that has focus.
- Classic view brought up an interface when using the shortcut that allowed you to see and select which pod you wanted to bring to the front. Standard view doesn't use this interface - the shortcut allows you to switch to the next pod and will automatically bring that to the front.


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