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Meeting room loads about 90% and then stops

This year, we have four meeting rooms that load about 90% of the way and then stop. They are all set to Standard View. Interestingly, if we go into the settings and change the meeting rooms back to Classic View, the meeting rooms load all the way, but all the layouts are blank. Obviously, switching back to Classic View is a bad option, since support is going away. The issue is not limited to a single computer: all users who try to enter these rooms experience the same issue.

The first time I observed this was in December 2020, and I reached out to Adobe Support and they gave me case number E-000289829, but I never heard back with any help (they just kept asking me if I was still experiencing the issue). The next meeting room issue occurred in May of this year. Same thing, we reached out to Adobe Support and never got a solution. Now, as we are beginning our 2021-22 schoolyear, two more meeting rooms have this same issue. They load about 90% of the way and then stop.

This is a big issue, as we've had to revert to classic view for these meetings rooms and the layout data is wiped. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

Here's a screenshot of where it gets stuck:

Feel free try out one of the rooms yourself. It's and passcode is Sidon.

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Re: Meeting room loads about 90% and then stops

It seems that the meeting rooms are damaged. Switching back to classic doesn't harm the room in the way you explained. It's more that you now can see in classic that the layouts are already damaged. I am not sure if Adobe support could repair the room and how long this would take. The fastest and easiest way is to delete the room and create a new one with the same URL. I know this problem from customers but it happens not really often. Last time I saw this problem was 4 months ago.


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Re: Meeting room loads about 90% and then stops

Thanks, Dirk. In total we found six meeting rooms with this issue. I called the Adobe Support line yesterday and Salmaan was able to fix three out of six. I'm hoping he can fix the remaining three soon. He did not say what caused the meeting rooms to break. For a quick fix, we did create some new meeting rooms on the fly, but we obviously don't want this to happen often. It affected almost 10% of our meeting rooms.

(Also, this is the OP, "cuc1629809325," I just changed the username to something not random.)

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