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#1 2021-07-27 08:29:24


Phone icon disconnects phone instead of muting/unmuting for presenters

Hello! We've recently migrated over to MeetingOne and noticed something odd. Our presenters that use a phone for their mic are being disconnected when they click the icon. Previously, this would have muted/unmuted them.

Is there anywhere I can change this? We do have auto-mute set in the MeetingOne system side and, according to them, this is what is causing it. Seems like odd behavior, however. We've simply had the presenter use their phone mute button instead but it's been a process retraining them to do so.

Any thoughts, suggestions or otherwise are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!



#2 2021-07-27 14:29:30

Terry at Refined Data

Re: Phone icon disconnects phone instead of muting/unmuting for presenters

Hi Tim,

I noticed that you have submitted several posts recently, each focused on a different aspect of Adobe Connect, which speaks to your greater need to be able to have better control over the Meeting room environment. From effortless audio to remotely diagnosing the root-causes of participant tech-support issues, or remotely activating presenter and participant cameras and microphones.

If you're open to a quick call, I have solutions to pretty much all of your problems and can show you how to take your Connect delivery to a whole new level. I will show you things you never believed were possible in Connect and I think you'll be thanking me for reaching out but wishing I'd done it sooner.

You can reach me at 416-464-3110 or - you will thank me!  :)


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