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#1 2021-06-17 05:53:47

Matthew Richards

New Adobe App for iPhone

Recently a new adobe app for iPhone has appeared on the app store:

It's been causing absolute chaos in some of our classes. Currently it does not support 90% of the features in adobe connect and so when we try to show a document/video, or conduct a quiz via polls they are unable to take part.  I have been advising the students to install the old version of the app but this can be very challenging if they are not good with technology and is very disruptive to the course.

I think it would be best if you removed this version from the public store until it is ready and perhaps offer it as a beta build for those who want to test it.  It's not currently in a good enough working state for general use.

I do however look forward to the new version when it is ready as the old app has its fair share of issues.

For those who are curious here is the list of unsupported features as noted on the app store page: "This application does not yet support some shared content formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, and GIF). Also not yet supported are Polls, Notes, Whiteboards, Q&A, WebLinks, FileShare, closed captions, and custom pod applications."


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