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#1 2021-03-19 10:28:23


Webcam pod accessibility in Host & Presenter area

Prior to the html version, if the webcam pod was in the POA, presenters were able to start their webcam. The html version does not have that capability. Now, presenters are unable to start their webcam unless the webcam pod is on the main stage.

One of the best reasons to have that accessibility is to have the presenter start their webcam in the POA in a 'Lobby' layout, then hide it on the main stage under an existing share pod. This enables the webcam stream to continue uninterrupted when changing to a layout with a webcam pod on the main stage - so that when the 'show' starts, the presenters do not have to re-launch their webcam.

In the new version, when the webcam pod is in POA, Presenters are unable to launch their webcam even from the pod options.

It would be great to have that back, as it was VERY useful. Even if just to get presenters used to starting/pausing/stopping their webcam privately 'backstage'.


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