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Next Slide Doesn't Autostart When Using a Hyperlink to Get There

I'm converting an Adobe Presenter module so it will play in HTML5 using Adobe Presenter 11.1 on a Windows 10 machine. There are a few slides in the course where I want the learner to be able to look at the contents of the slide for however long they want before proceeding. On those slides, I have a homemade "Next" button on the slide, which the user can click on to advance to the next slide when they're ready. (I have the slide with the button on it set to advance by user to prevent that slide from just going to the next slide automatically.) The button does successfully take them to the next slide; however, that slide doesn't just sits there and does nothing, unless the learner uses the playbar to manually make it start playing.

How do I fix it so that so that that next slide plays automatically? (I believe this worked fine when I was publishing it to SWF....just doesn't seem to work in HTML5 publish, based on the preview I did in HTML5.)

Thanks, in advance, for any help...bonus points for a speedy response! ;)

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