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#1 2021-02-01 15:29:56


Removing Flash References from Presenter SCORM Publish to "Both"

I have a bunch of Adobe Presenter modules that I published to "Both" (Flash and HTML5) and then uploaded to our LMS (Cornerstone). While the modules that I published to "Both" and then uploaded to the Adobe Server still work even though Flash is gone, the ones I uploaded to our LMS do not...I get a Flash error when I try to run them. So, I've been republishing those modules to HTML only and then reuploading them to the LMS; however, I have a few modules for which the source files no longer exist (someone else owned those and she didn't keep them...argh!), so I can't republish those modules to HTML5 only. :(

So, is there any way to manipulate the SCORM packages that I *do* have for those modules to strip out any Flash references and make them "look" to the LMS like SCORM packages that were published to HTML5 only?

Thanks, in advance, for any help!!


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