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Get any of Multiple Click Boxes to Release Playhead and Mark Correct

Good morning! We aren't sure if this is possible. We have an Adobe Captivate "knowledge check." We aren't using a Quiz Slide, however, we are wanting the learner to click on a Click Box and have the Captivate mark it as correct and move forward. Simple enough, except when there is more than one correct answer, e.g., clicking the Save button, clicking File, Save, or pressing Ctrl+S. We are unable to get Captivate to not mark the question as Incorrect if someone clicks on a box. It only seems to work with one Click box. Any ideas? I imagine it would also be difficult to have one of the three correct options be to go to an entirely different slide, i.e., if they click File, it needs to go to the Backstage view so they can then click Save, and then, if they do that, it marks the question as correct. Hope this all makes sense - I would be so appreciative of any assistance.



#2 2020-12-17 21:03:18


Re: Get any of Multiple Click Boxes to Release Playhead and Mark Correct

Captivate should have the option to set up click boxes and have it navigate to a specific slide in the presentation. It may not be a quiz slide, per se, but you should be able to include click boxes in the quiz reporting if that metric is important to you.

Now I'm just knowledgeable enough in Captivate to be dangerous, if you want some good expert input, I'd recommend you ask on the Captivate forums, … filter=all


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