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#1 2020-11-30 12:12:17


Webcam not connected on iMac running Big Sur (even after patch)

Hi All,

My 2020 iMac running Big Sur is getting a "webcam not detected" error when trying to use my webcam. I have tried the following:
- Using both the built-in FaceTime HD camera and an external Logitech 4K camera
- Updating with the latest Adobe Connect patch as posted in the blog for Big Sur users
- Enabling Adobe in Security settings to allow webcams
- Right clicking global settings to enable flash and access to webcams in the Connect platform

Interesting, my built-in and external cameras work for other software programs (which I close when using Connect).

I do not have this problem (i.e., webcam is detected) with my 2019 MacBook Pro, which is running Big Sur, after installing the aforementioned update.

Any other ideas to explore?


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