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Data Collection Help

Hello All,

I am currently trying to find a good way to collect information from participants in my Adobe Connect Webinars. Most of the people that join use guest accounts and then enter their names and requested information in a chat pod. This creates a massive amount of work on my end when it comes to sorting through this data and inputting it into categories in excel later on.

Is there a feature within adobe connect that would allow for me to better collect guest user data? Perhaps an app that allows me to present a built in form to each user? I need all the data to be in an excel sheet in the easiest way possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

(Example of the information I am collecting)





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Re: Data Collection Help

If you are using the Seminar/Webinar license in Connect you should have access to the Events function of Connect. When you create an event that gives access to your live room at a specific time you can create a custom form that asks registrants any questions you want. The answers are then available for download as a CSV file, which should be much easier than dealing with a chat text output.


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