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#1 2020-11-25 08:20:30


Lost (stop sharing of) all Share Pod content, breakout rooms, and poll

In the "oh my, what other issues can I find with version 11..." category... just finished conducting a large (200 person) event with multiple (10) breakout rooms with different layouts, 2 dozen overall layouts... other than the multiple of bugs already reported here, went back in to the room for another round of events and all of the sharepods are no longer sharing their content! All of my breakout rooms are gone (it just has the default 3 rooms now), poll pod data is gone and file pod files are gone.  Oh gee...  We use the share pods for graphics, instructions, pictures, videos, etc. (as I'm sure most of you do as well.)  No idea what happened. It's as if every share pod had the "stop sharing" button clicked. (which wasn't the case.)  Not sure if that's our hosted provider (Adobe) or some new 11 bug...  anyone else?  (Note all content is still there in the My Content area, but it's no longer in any of the pods.

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