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#1 2020-10-08 04:29:21


Default meeting layout from LMS API


I am admin for an LMS and wants to know wether it is possible to change the default templates so that they automatically include the set content like when I create a meeting from scratch in the Adobe Connect backend. We have more or less a rolling schedule of webinars that of four different types and would basically need 6 or possibly up to 8 different layouts to manage them all. But there is no way for the API for our LMS (Docebo) to select a specifically created shared template, it will create a default one and I see no way of importing a custom layout after the creation of a meeting.

A workaround would be not using the API but just creating sessions manually and link them in the LMS, but a better solution for our admin flow would be being able to edit the deafult template to incude the layouts and content we need.

P.S. I have seen similar threads on this forum regarding this before, but not describing exactly the same issue.


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Re: Default meeting layout from LMS API

The method for selecting a Template when creating a Meeting through the API is documented here: … tings.html


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