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Advanced use of breakout rooms - no time for the click and drag method

We are planning a large (for us) event in the next couple of months. For a few days, we want to have 90-minute sessions in the main room, then a breakout room for each speaker (two or three) to meet with a small number of attendees.

Time is important, so we want to pre-assign attendees to breakout rooms. That way, when we start the breakout rooms, the speaker's time isn't wasted while I drag people into the rooms.

Another challenge is that we then repeat that that - 90-minute main room, 30 minutes for breakouts. But the breakout rooms will have different names than the first set of breakout rooms, so we need to be able too move attendees en masse into their pre-assigned breakout room.

All of my searching has resulted in just the basic use of breakout rooms. I need more. Anyone have this kind of info?


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Re: Advanced use of breakout rooms - no time for the click and drag method

There is no pre-assigning of users to breakout rooms. You can select multiple attendees by using CTRL + left click or Shift + left click and then moving the group of selected users to breakout rooms. Connect 11 should allow you to shift attendees between breakout rooms, if that helps.


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Re: Advanced use of breakout rooms - no time for the click and drag method

If you have a presenter presenting for 90 minutes you can move people to their pre-assigned rooms at the beginning as they are joining and just stage them in the room. Since the breakouts aren't started they won't know what you are doing. Once you start the breakout people will move to that room. Then as Jorma stated you can move all people in that room to another breakout room with Connect 11 if you are using it. If you aren't using it you can move all people from 1 room to another by clicking the first person and then hold Shift on your keyboard and click the last person in the room and move to the new room all at 1 time.


#4 2021-07-27 15:10:09

Terry at Refined Data

Re: Advanced use of breakout rooms - no time for the click and drag method

Hi Jeff,

Our Vantage Point extension for Adobe Connect could address this challenge in a number of different ways. I'm sure your event is over but perhaps you'll be doing this again and the information will come in handy.

Our tool enhances many aspects of the Connect Meeting Space giving you greater control over almost every aspect of the environment. When it comes to Breakouts, the tool lets you save your current attendee list to a .txt file which you can easily edit to create multiple versions with different group assignments. Simply import one of the edited versions to push people to new groupings at any time.

Alternatively the system allows you to define which breakout rooms are available for your participants to self-select. They can choose for themselves which breakout room they want to visit and they can move between breakout rooms with ease.

Let me know if you'd like to learn more about how to enable these enhanced capabilities and much, much more.

Terry - 416-464-3110 or


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