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Best way to move recorded content from one license to another?

Hi All,

Why I try searching on this forum I get a blank white screen instead of results so my apologies if this has been asked and answered already.

I have several Connect licenses and we are looking at downsizing all of our Connect licenses into a single license. What I would like to do is move all recordings from the accounts we intend to close into the single Connect account license we intend to keep.  I am hoping that when we move the recordings, the URLs won't change.  What is the most efficient way to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: Best way to move recorded content from one license to another?

Merging data between accounts is... hard. When it comes to recordings, one the the biggest challenge is that the recording re-creates the live meeting experience and calls to the content objects from the server. So it's not just a video file, and even if you do move the recording source files, the content doesn't come with it and the reference to those content objects will be broken on the new server. Add to that, if, by chance, you have something on the other server that happened to use the same URL as a recording on the old server, you will not be able to replicate the URL when you upload the recording to the new server.

As I see it, the easiest solution would be to take the time or money to make MP4 versions of the recordings and then upload those to the other server(s). You could define the URL used when uploading the recordings and it would retain all the visual content from the original recordings.

I hate to make a sales pitch, but the company I work for does offer MP4 conversion services for Connect recordings and we do have some tools that could merge the account data and DB information. As a user trying to help another user, I'd strongly suggest you identify how many recordings you really need to migrate before you start looking at options that cost [more] money.


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