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#1 2020-06-07 03:21:23


App freeze

I use Adobe Connect since 2011.

I have always add a lot of problem with "app freezing".

A lot of times the app freezes during a meeting.
So I have to quit and enter again in the meeting, with other people waiting for me in the meeting.

In the last years (2012-2015) I discovered the app freezed a lot using an external Mic (I used the Yeti).

Now, since 2020, I'm using my MacBook Pro with a LG 5K Monitor.
I have everything updated to last firmware and version.

It continues to freeze a lot of times: even 2-3 in a meeting of 2 hours.
I cannot understand the reason (it doesn't happen to other hosts in our account).

Can someone give me a hint/help/something?
I'm getting crazy ?

ps i attach a block log I found in my console (maybe it depends on audio related things again): link

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Re: App freeze

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Re: App freeze

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