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Possible Options for Collecting Individual Interaction Data

Our institution is creating new online activity modules in Captivate with the specific goal of tracking user choices throughout the module. Note that this is NOT being built as a quiz as user choices also determine branching paths through the module. It is not graded and they need only complete the activity to receive CME credit from our institution.

I know normally this is data we could get via SCORM by assigning interaction objects a unique ID, but our LMS (*not really an LMS) is CloudCME and they don't currently offer any reporting on that.

The idea is that the module presents a clinical scenario and the user progresses by answering questions. Right answers take a fairly straightforward path, while wrong answers branch into other slides that ask why you made that choice. We've found that a quiz is not the most intutive way to set this up and are simply using buttons for answers that then navigate to the appropriate slide. The plan was to use those same buttons as unique interactions so we could view click data in the report.

Since we can't get a report with interaction data (ala the internal server report Captivate shows after previewing a presentation in SCORM), we're looking at two options:

1) Collect our own interaction data by embedding RedCap survey forms as web objects in slides where the user gives an answer. The user clicks the answer in the form which tracks our data, but then also has to click an additional, corresponding interaction object in Captivate to proceed through the module. We don't like this since the user could potentially give an answer in the survey, but then click a different answer button in Captivate to take a different path. I'm looking into layering hidden interaction objects above/below the survey but I'm not sure if/how that would work.

2) An alternative reporting method for Captivate's exsting interaction data, such as using an advanced interaction to dump the data to Google Forms, etc. Again, I'm not sure if/how this would work.

The individual data is important for our faculty research; for example, we want to see if a majority of users whose profession is Psychology would answer a certain way at certain points in the presentation. We really hit a roadblock when we realized CloudCME doesn't allow us to see this data, so any suggestions are welcome.



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Re: Possible Options for Collecting Individual Interaction Data

I asked around and was pointed to this article. Maybe this can be your solution? … -analyzer/


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