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#1 2020-01-11 18:48:54


Downloaded Video of my Meetings have garbled audio

I have tried many times to download a seminar that we did online. Two of them both about 3 hours. I have tried in both formats and each time, I have audio problems.

Sometimes, no audio at all.

Other times the audio is just generally messed up. Shifted in time leaving blank spaces in place. Also audio that is on top of audio from different places.

I probably won't be doing another Meeting for a long time and am still paying $150/mo in hopes that I can download a working copy of my last seminar.

Should I just give up and stop spending good money after bad? I have tried downloading about 5-6 times. Not a single time have I gotten a clean download.

When we did it live, there was very minimal lag so that shouldn't be the problem.



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