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#1 2019-11-13 12:00:58


Bad performance , iPad with iPadOS 13.2.2

Following scenario appears when using iPad with the latest iPadOS 13.2.2
When the user has 1:1 session with a teacher everything is ok
But in a session with multiple users where everyone uses HD webcam it starts good but then during the session performance is getting bad dp the users should stop their webcam.
Users who had high reslolution decreased it to 640x480 but problem still exist.
Any idea how to overcome this issue ?
(Server is adobe connect : 10.5.1)


#2 2019-11-13 22:16:32


Re: Bad performance , iPad with iPadOS 13.2.2

Yes, we also could confirm there is some performance issue on ios 13 devices, not only for iPad but for iPhone as well.
If more than two participants connect their audios in the same meeting room, the performance is quite terrible just for the ios device. For PC and Android, the connection was quite good, they can communicate with each other without any problems.
We received this kind of feedback from September, so we guess it might be related to the iOS 13. Could somebody from Adobe confirm this?


#3 2019-11-19 11:32:57


Re: Bad performance , iPad with iPadOS 13.2.2

You may need to reach out to Adobe Support to get official feedback. Just curious, did you test having the users on iOS devices join in the HTML version of Connect in their browser to see if that resolves the issue?  This is still a Beta feature in Connect 10, but is the solution that is being actively developed as the new mobile solution.


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