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#1 2019-06-28 15:21:00


breakout room alerts

My use for breakout rooms involves regularly moving some attendees into a breakout room from the main room.
Adobe Connect doesn't seem to have any alerting system for this and the movement is silent on both sides of that transaction.
I found the doorbell.swf extension and installed it but it, at best, seems to be flaky in detecting someone arriving in a room and doesn't seem to play the sound for the person who is already in the breakout room.

Is there a more reliable way to alert anyone in a breakout room that someone has entered that room, and alert only the people in that room, not the remainder of the meeting attendees? Is there a "patch" to doorbell or a different way to activate it that will make it more reliable?


#2 2019-07-01 10:40:11


Re: breakout room alerts

We put the attendee pod in the each break out room so attendees can see who is in their room and who comes into their room. I also include a chat pod in case someone has dial-in issues. I also put the video cam in each room.  The video cam is used for the instructor only so students can see when the instructor arrives in their room and can answer questions.



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