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#1 2019-03-02 03:07:49


How do you move a recording to a meeting?

I'm already able to move recordings to folders and subfolders.
My issue is that I want to move a recording to another meeting.

As far as I can see the structure is like this:

Inside a folder there can be:
*another folder
*a meeting
*a recording

Inside a meeting there can be:
*a recording

I can move recordings inside folders but not inside meetings. That's strange because they can be created inside meetings. I created a recording in the wrong meeting and I want to move it to the correct one.



#2 2019-03-02 14:33:30


Re: How do you move a recording to a meeting?

Where the recording lives in Connect shouldn't matter. The move from the Recordings folder to the Content library is intended to be a one way move.

By moving the recording to the Content library, you gain more control over who can view it and access to the reports of how it is viewed. I'm not sure why you would want to move it back into the recordings folder of the room.

However, if it is important, here's how you do it.

Using the sco-move call we can place the recording in a different folder. This isn’t needed to move it to a new folder in the Content library. Example: folder-id=654321 The trick is what to put in the folder-id field. If you want to move it to the Recordings folder for a Meeting room then you would just use the sco-id of the meeting room. The sco-id will be the sco-id of the recording.

Now the recording will reside in the Recordings folder of the Meeting room.


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