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#1 2018-09-24 17:21:25


Audio works in Audio Setup Wizard but not during lecture

I have used Adobe Connect for a couple years now as a student listening to live class lectures.  I find it to be an extrememly useful and reliable product.  However, I want to report a problem that will cause new users confusion.

I run it on macOS High Sierra and I set up my Mac to play to a speaker over airTunes.  This works _only_ if
you switch audio output for the computer _before_ launching Adobe Connect.  If you switch _after_ launching
the Adobe Connect Audio Setup Wizard plays its sound through the selected airTunes speaker but the voice from my professor's lecture plays through the audio output device selected when the application was launched.

This is especially frustrating when you take the time to connect early and run the wizard to ensure the audio is working correctly then find you have to drop out of the first two minutes of the lecture because Adobe Connect has to be shut down and relaunched.


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