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Adobe's customer support "screenshare" software gives them full access

Upon further research, Bomgar appears to be a legitimate support service. But this experience made me uncomfortable with Adobe nonetheless.

Sketchiest customer support experience ever.

See the convo here.

All I want to do is find out why my Adobe Encoder CC 2015.3 was reading a source file as having "no audio" but clearly it has audio.

Support proceeds to invite me to screenshare. I say okay, click their link to download some Adobe screenshare app. Which proceeds to ask for full access to my entire computer despite being just told we were going to share screens in order to show this representative my issue.

The support rep laughed when I questioned this policy.

Do not install this crap. I am now uncomfortable with my own computer, because of Adobe, because I don't know where this software installed itself, and appeared to self-destruct. It claims to have self-destructed upon close; the .dmg is deleted from my Chrome list (striked out).
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