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#1 2018-06-25 21:29:24


Allow More Than 2 Concurrent Streaming Webcams

We are working on an event series in which all participants will be joining via iPads using the Connect Mobile app. As part of the meeting, we are asking that all participants enable their webcam to live-stream their video. When joining on the traditional laptop view, all participants webcams stream live video at the same time in the "brady bunch" effect within the video pod.

However, for mobile app participants, we've found that the app only supports the streaming of 2 live videos at any one time. For any more than 2 webcams, the remainder are shown as paused. When one of the paused videos is made live, then one of the previously live videos is automatically paused. In this fashion, the mobile user can toggle through all participants' videos, but only a max of two will be live at any time.

My question is whether there is any configuration or work-around known that will allow for all webcams to stream concurrently for mobile app users (instead of the default 2). It's important to have live video feed for all our participants on iPads, so hopefully there is a solution for this. Thanks for any insight!


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