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#1 2018-04-09 17:35:52


Send participants a thank you after ON-DEMAND event ATTENDANCE

Hi all,
I have investigated everything I can think of, and cannot come up with an in-application solution to our problem within our Hosted Adobe Connect account. I am hoping that your big brains might have a solution.

We have built Events in order to track registration and attendance (access) for our On-demand training content. We'd like to have Adobe Connect automatically generate and send an email to a user immediately after they attend the On-Demand Event for the first time.

As we try to customize the E-mail options for the "Send participants a thank you after event", we see that we can either choose "Specific Date and Time" or "Relative to the time of event". Since it's a continuing training offering, we have the Event End Time: set to years in the future. This means that the "Send participants a thank you after event" will not trigger until years in the future. The same limitations apply to all of the Custom Triggers

Can anyone think of a different way to achieve our goal within the application?  Your help is greatly appreciated.



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