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#1 2018-03-20 08:10:38

Melissa Daniel

Can't draw on a shared slide in Mobile app on iPad

I have an iPad with iOS 11.2.6 and Adobe Connect Mobile 2.6.6.

Before the update to Adobe Connect v9.7, I was able to joint the meeting on the iPad, make my iPad user a host and use my iPad pencil when I turned on the annotation for shared windows (my powerpoint slides). Now, I can still see the slide, but when in annotation mode, it does some type of overlay of the slide over the top of the annotation tool bar and does not let me annotate the slide any more in iPad. I can still annotate using the mouse on my PC but no longer can annotate on the iPad. I cannot effectively annotate by drawing with a mouse as opposed to using a pencil.

It worked perfectly last week and today it doesn't any more.

Using the annotation tools on my iPad is a crucial part of my delivery.
This latest update changed my ability to do so (in addition to forcing me to change browsers because the latest update also doesn't properly screen share using Firefox).

I can still draw on a shared whiteboard. I cannot annotate a shared slide. This is the part I use the most.


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