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#1 2017-12-28 09:26:11


No Sound for recorded sessions

I had a full day of virtual training using WebEx for audio.  The training was chunked out into 4 sections.  The four sections look like they have recorded, however, there is no sound for the first two sections (the final 2 sections do have sound).  Is there anything I can do or should be looking at to see if the sound can be restored for the first two sections?  Thanks!


#2 2018-01-03 15:30:45


Re: No Sound for recorded sessions

It depends on how the audio was integrated with Connect. I'm guessing you use a Universal Voice integration. You may want to double check that the UV bridge was enabled in the room. If Connect didn't have awareness of the bridge being used, then it wouldn't record audio.

If that wasn't the issue, then you can download the source files for the recording by adding /output/ to the URL for your recording and check whether the cameraVoip10_x_x.flv file has any audio in it. If it does not then you may have experienced the bug where audio doesn't record. This is a very infrequent bug, so to see it in back to back recordings seems a long shot.

If it does have audio in it, then you may be able to re-upload the zip file and have it work. Just upload it to the desired location in the Content library.

If nothing else, you can always work with Adobe Support to see if they have any other thoughts. … pport.html

And if it helps, the audio recording bug number is: CONN-4087415


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