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#1 2017-10-27 12:14:52


Update Adobe Connect 9.7 for windows and MAc! and Linux ??

I received this
"The Adobe Connect Team is pleased to inform you that your account will be upgraded to Adobe Connect 9.7 between November 4, 2017 (12:30 AM UTC) and November 4, 2017 (06:30 AM UTC). During this window Adobe Connect will be intermittently unavailable.
We encourage you to prepare for this transition to the Adobe Connect application by navigating to the below pages and downloading the appropriate installation files for your operating system:

    Windows users should navigate here for the download.
    Macintosh users should navigate here for the download."

I use Firefox and Chromium  with OS Ubuntu to log in Adobe Connect.
Is there something to change or download in my case??


#2 2017-10-27 16:04:28


Re: Update Adobe Connect 9.7 for windows and MAc! and Linux ??

No, as a Linux user there is nothing you need to do differently.

This release has no add-in/app for Linux, but this is no different than before. Adobe Connect dropped support for the Linux Add-in with the release of Connect 9 (I believe). You can still join and participate in meetings using a Flash enabled browser, but you cannot share your screen.


#3 2018-11-27 16:03:44


Re: Update Adobe Connect 9.7 for windows and MAc! and Linux ??


Very sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I figured I'd try here before opening a new discussion...

It looks like I'll be using Adobe Connect to conduct training in the near future and I wanted to see what the current state of things is for linux and Connect for training purposes.  As I understand it, I will be able to join and lead Connect Training sessions in my browser but I will not be able to screen share.  My questions are these:

Will I be able to post PPT docs and flip through them without screen sharing? 
Will there be any integrated audio support on linux through the browser in some way?
Is there an "App" sharing that may work whereas "full" screen sharing does not?

I'm coming from a Webex environment and cannot share PPT with attendees on Webex for linux, so I'm hoping for a better situation with Connect....  But it seems like I'll still need to dual-boot or run a VM for my deliveries.

Anyway, thanks!!



#4 2018-12-04 10:15:36


Re: Update Adobe Connect 9.7 for windows and MAc! and Linux ??


You should be fine to do most things on your Linux computer in Connect. The limitations you'll face are:

- No screen sharing (you knew this)
- Can't upload PPTX files

You can upload PPT files, and anything already uploaded will be able to be controlled by you. I don't believe there are any limitations on apps that work on Linux.


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