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webcam zoom in video pod

One of our teachers is experiencing an issue where her webcam appears to 'zoom in' to tight on her face whenever another video feed is added to the video pod.  This is viewable by all participants. She has checked to see if there is an updated driver for her inbuilt HD Webcam but no.  The Acer laptop is less than 6 months old running Windows 10.

As a workaround she is enlarging the video pod which (depending on how many participants have their webcams on) will enable her camera to 'snap back' out to normal view.  However, if sharing a doc or her screen, she is unable to do this and has to put up with her face appearing huge in her video stream (she reckons thats scary!).  The teacher has noticed it happens to a couple of her students (participants) too.

A post from 2012 (Adobe Connect 8) seems to describe this same phenomenon.  This was posted as a reply:
Sometime it could happen with some cameras(drivers) that don't support the low resolutions. In camera pod, when the video's size is reduced to less than 160x80 (due to POA open or new video addition), meeting asks flash player to fetch the video-feed at optimal resolution (160x80) from the attached camera. If the camera doesn't support this resolution, then flash player applies its own logic and re-sizes/crops the camera's feed to match the requested resolution. This crop action may sometime lead to apparent zooming of the video feed. An obvious workaround is to increase the size of camera pod, another workaround could be to try to update the camera's driver (but it may or mayn't resolve as it's specific to cameras).

I'd really appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks :)


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Re: webcam zoom in video pod

I'd recommend you reach out to Adobe Support. If the issue can be recreated with them, then they can work to identify the issue and it's cause. From there a resolution can be presented. Additionally, if there is a known issue around this, you can be given that information. … pport.html


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Re: webcam zoom in video pod

This seems to be a real ongoing problem that other platforms don't have - there are numerous complaints about this in this forum - all of which I'm trying to find and post to keep them relevant as I can't get an answer from Adobe support that is very helpful.

Adobe - please help us!!

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Re: webcam zoom in video pod

Oh my goodness, I thought it was just me experiencing this issue! What a horrible bug. It doesn't seem to affect all folks equally. My CEO has the same camera as I do and she has the problem while I don't have it. I've reached out to Adobe Connect support on so many issues only to get ZERO response and I have given up. I called them five times in one day only for them to hang up on me after answering each time. I'm better off looking for answers here, because Support has been a waste of time.


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